The packers

Why we pack with llamas

Llamas come from the Inca Empire where they have inherited the trait of the “beast of burden” in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia.

Easy-going and agile, their padded feet and ability to browse for food make them both a natural for the back country and an environmentally sound pack animal.

The llamas are calm hard-working animals, making them easy to handle on the trail.

A llama can carry 75 pounds with incredible sure footedness and stability through mountain terrain. A curious and gentle nature makes the llama the perfect pack partner.

A fully trained llama is four years old and it takes two years of training before they are ready for full-service trips. A mature llama lives to 17-24 years.

Redwood uses both male and females – males tend to be a little more solitary whereas females are more likely to stay together in small herds of 4-5 llamas.

llama in mountains