Llamas Leases for Hunting Trips

Plan your next hunting trip with the help of llamas! While Redwood Llama Company LLC is not licensed to guide trips for the purpose of hunting, we do offer llamas for lease for individuals doing their own trip. 

For the archery and muzzleloading seasons of August and September we are based out of Silverton, CO in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. For rifle season in October we move to Dove Creek in the Southwest of the state. From these locations there is access to the San Juan, Uncompahgre, Rio Grande, and Gunnison National Forests, along with the Weminuche, Lizard Head, Uncompahgre, and Sneffels Wilderness areas.

hunting lease for llamas
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why llamas

Why Use Llamas for your trip?

Given their quiet docile nature, low impact, and sure footedness, llamas make the perfect pack companion for hunters. Since the llama is easy going, user friendly and much easier to use than conventional pack stock, it only requires a short orientation course on the day of the lease or the evening prior to teach one the use of the animal.

Llamas also allow access to remote areas with low hunting pressure while packing in a comfortable camp and packing out the harvested game. Llamas typically carry 70-100 pounds depending on the mileage, terrain, and temperature and thus can extend a hunter’s range and length of stay. 


Hunting Lease Details

Before you depart on your lease adventure we require guests to complete a brief 2 part orientation course going over the basics of packing with llamas. The first step is getting the panniers to pack your personal gear in. Clients will do a brief meet and greet at Redwood Llamas HQ in Silverton and pick up the panniers the day/night before the trip. The second part is getting acclimated with the llamas at the departure trailhead and includes; how to halter lead ropes (attach & detach), saddle and unmount llamas, hanging of panniers, using the tie out stakes, water buckets, grazing instructions/habits, weight load distribution, and general rules of the trail. For a complete outline view our full orientation outline here. For certain situations we can perform both parts of the orientation course at trailhead or at RL HQ if logistics are cumbersome — extra fee may apply depending on circumstances. 

Each individual llama comes with its own halter, lead rope, saddle and pad, 2 panniers, tie-out stakes, and water bucket. Our llamas are extremely well trained prior to being promoted for trail work — they’re protective, cerebral, and great trail companions. 


Llama lease

$75.00 per day per llama


Archery & Muzzleloading Season lease

$1200.00 per llama


Rifle season lease

$1200.00 per llama
(mid Oct-mid Nov)



We permit you to come pick up llamas for your trip or we can provide it to you. If we are providing transportation, we can meet at one of our designated trailheads. Pricing varies so please contact us to discuss options.

When we provide transportation, we both drop off and pick up. Trailer rentals are also an option depending on availability.



Agreement & Course Outline

Llama Lease Agreement

You are required to fill out and sign the Llama Lease Agreeement prior to your trip.

Release of Liability Agreement

You are required to fill out and sign the Release of Liability Agreement prior to your trip.

Llama Orientation Outline

All guests are required to complete this class before before departing on their trip.


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