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Hunting Lease

Although Redwood Llama Company, LLC is not a licensed outfitter for guided trips for the purpose of hunting, we do offer llamas for lease to individuals who want to do their own trip.  Also available for rent are trailers and stock racks for transporting.  During archery and muzzleloading season from the end of August through September, we are based out of Silverton, Colorado in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, and during rifle season in October we are at our ranch in Dove Creek, Colorado in Southwest Colorado.  From these locations there is access to the San Juan, Uncompahgre, Rio Grande, and Gunnison National Forests, along with the Weminuche, Lizard Head, Uncompahgre, and Sneffels Wilderness areas.

Given their quiet nature, low impact, and sure footedness, llamas make the perfect pack animals for hunters.  Since the llama is easy going, user friendly and much easier to use than conventional pack stock, it only requires a short orientation course on the day of the lease or the evening prior to teach one the use of the animal.

Llamas allow access to remote areas with low hunting pressure while packing in a comfortable camp and packing out the harvested game.  They also can extend a hunter’s range and length of stay.  Llamas typically carry 70-80 pounds depending on the mileage, terrain, and temperature. Due to our summer packing season, our llamas are generally in great condition.  

Llamas are browsers, eating about 10% of what conventional pack stock need and normally don’t need food packed in.  In addition, llamas usually don’t drink much water requiring much less than conventional pack stock and often getting it out of grazing when there is wet conditions.  However, they still need to be offered water at least once a day.  They can be tethered out during the day and left alone while one hunts.

Each llama comes with a lead rope, halter, saddle and pad, 2 panniers, tie out line and stake, scale, and water bucket.   They are great companions, easy keepers in camp and will scare off predators with their alarm cry.


Llama Lease:  $75.00 per day per llama

Archery Season Lease: $1200.00

Rifle Season Lease: $1200.00

Orientation Class: $125.00

Trailer Fee: $45.00 per day

Stock Rack: $25.00 per day