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San Juan Mountains Llama Pack Trips

Full Service Pack Trips

We offer seven full service pack trips July through Mid-September

Guided Lease or Drop Camp

Hiking with Llamas is a great way to explore the San Juan Mountains with your friends and family

Llama Leasing

A great way for you to custom design a pack trip for friends or family

Our scheduled 4-6 day trips are conducted with small groups of 6-10 people. Our hikes lead us through historic gold mine areas, old trails into “cities of gold” and connect with the volunteer built “Colorado Trail.” Along the way are beautiful lush green valleys where elk and deer abound. There are times when we are above timberline with a 360-degree view of many of Colorado’s highest peaks. We drop down into areas with many lakes and streams.

As you hike with this well trained pack animal the llama soon becomes a hiking companion. His history comes from the Inca Empire where he has inherited the trait of the “beast of burden” in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia.

Easy-going and agile, their padded feet and browsing for food make them a natural for and environmentally sound pack animal. The llamas are calm hard -working animals, making them easy to handle on the trail.

Llamas are a great way to lessen the strain of hiking. It should be noted that the terrain and weather could still make it necessary to be prepared physically. Any medical problems should be acknowledged ahead of time.

A llama can carry 75-100 pounds with incredible sure footedness and stability through mountain terrain. A curious and gentle nature makes the llama the perfect pack partner.