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Photographers find llamas a useful tool to carry their equipment and are also great subjects for their pictures. Many of the photographs on our website were taken by Mark Lance (www.riverlightimages.com) who combines his love for photography with fly fishing. And according to Mark, “The Weminuche Wilderness is one of the largest and most photogenic roadless areas of Colorado. With llamas carrying much of the load we were able to easily hike to many of the spectacular lakes, while having comfortable camps and good food along the way. As a photographer I appreciate being able to take a wide selection of camera gear into the back country. The llamas made it possible for me to make many photographic expeditions into the Weminuche”.

Our goal is to provide you with a memorable, safe vacation, free of stress, and to expose you to what we feel are the best mountains in the Rocky Mountain Region.


$75.00/day per llama: includes saddle, panniers and tack with a 10% discount for former clients.

Season Lease: $1200.00

Classes (required)

Learn how to pack and camp with llamas. Prior to departure, guests must complete one of the following:

  • Orientation classes (available at trailhead $125.00)


  • Previously leased llamas from qualified outfitter



Llama Transportation

You can provide your own at no cost or we can provide it for you to one of our permitted trailheads.  The cost ranges between $200.00-$500.00 depending on trailhead.  Includes drop off and pick up.  We also rent trailers $45.00/day & stock rack $20.00/day.