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Meet Our Llamas

Redwood Llama’s guides have years of experience in backpacking, hiking, camping, outdoor adventures, and of course, llamas. All of our guides are first aid and CPR certified and carry a complete first aid kit on guided trips. If you have any medical conditions or special needs, please let us know so our guides can accommodate.

Bill Redwood

Redwood Llamas backcountry excursions are a culmination of 38 years of experience and exploration. Bill Redwood came to the area in 1978 and immersed himself in the mountains. The result is an unparalleled expertise in hiking, llama packing, and the Southwest Colorado Wilderness. Due to his contributions to the National Forest Service, Colorado Trail, and numerous relevant organizations he’s obtained permits to guide in some of the most beautiful country in the world. The guide permits are rare and unique and are currently held only by Redwood Llamas. This is part of what sets Redwood Llamas apart from other guide companies.

The main attribute that sets Redwood Llamas apart is the team itself. Lead by Bill, and his vison, there is passion inherent to the experience that is evident. After 8 years of enjoying the Colorado wilderness Bill decided to use his platform in 1985 to help others partake in these one of a kind pack trips. Everything from the clever names of the llamas to the delicious gourmet menus have taken meticulous thought and careful preparation. This venture was not a business first, so it truly feels like a personalized friendly experience.

Bill Redwood

Mark Pommier

Mark Pommier, a former professional mountain biker, first became involved with performance llamas when he ran for Buckhorn Llamas in the early Llamathon races. It was at these events that he met Bill Redwood, owner of the llama Clancy and promoter of the original Llamathon events, who recruited him to train and race llamas for a variety of high-profile endurance events. Pommier and Redwood gained a considerable amount of knowledge about the athletic potential of llamas during Clancy’s racing years.
When Clancy retired from racing in 1995, Pommier, along with his wife Angie, began building a successful packing and guide service called Walk on the Wild Side Llama Company from Clancy offspring. In addition to the commercial packing service, Pommier offered services such as llama training, llama leasing and educational clinics.
After ten years, Pommier rejoined Redwood in 2005 to work as trainer, head guide and consultant for Redwood Llamas. Together, Pommier and Redwood are continuing to develop a line of pack llamas with personality and athletic ability that will be hard to match
Bill Redwood