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Llamas for Sale

Redwood Llamas has been breeding and packing with llamas since 1982. We have striven to have the best North American pack bloodlines in the herd and many of the packers in the 45 animal male-gelding pack string have been bred, raised, and trained on the ranch. Although we have only males and geldings in the pack string, we also train many of the females to pack and have sold several as successful trained female packers.  The females and males that we have for sale, were born and raised on the ranch and are registered with the ILR (International Lama Registry).

Our goal is to only sell trained animals that are ready for the trail. This training begins early when the crias are 4-6 months old and continues until the animals are between 2-3 years old and ready to leave the ranch for the trail carrying light loads their first packing year. We have an 850 acre ranch on the Colorado/Utah border that has a rugged canyon with an extensive trail system and many obstacles where we train our animals (a PTLA event was held on the ranch using this trail system).  The training and conditioning of the llamas takes place the middle of March through the middle of June and again the middle of September through the middle of November. During these times, we encourage buyers to participate in the training and become familiar with their llamas which is included in the purchase price.   Llama Sale Videos

Male Llamas for Sale

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