Thanks for making our trip even more amazing! Vance, Red Hawk, let’s start planning for next year’s adventure! Llamaste

Jocelyn Blair Kilgore

Just got back from a 4 day trip with Redwood. Had a wonderful time with great hiking, scenery, food, people, and llamas!

Nina Mullen

Really enjoyed the camping and could not have done it without the llamas.

John H.

We had a great time on our llama trek again this year! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to be outside for several days and to be in such beautiful country!

Barbara and Phil

Thank you so much for the wonderful llama trek! Dan and Jessie were great guides and the llamas walked some difficult terrain with ease. The food was excellent and varied. Thank you for giving us an experience we will never forget


Just wanted to thank you for the work Gray Hawk and Coronado did last week while I was elk hunting with my friends Jim and Audie Slater. I was a bit skeptical at first with the llamas as we have always used horses or mules in the past. They proved to be better in many ways. Look forward to using them again in the future. Thanks again! I am sure we will be back to use your services.

Ron S.

I am a part of a group of women who call themselves the Llama Mamas. We have been leasing llamas from Bill Redwood for ten years, doing all of the Colorado Trail and parts of the CDT. Our relationship with Bill and his llamas has been outstanding. Bill is always supportive to our needs and his llamas are the BEST in the state, well trained and dependable. I highly recommend Redwood Llamas, and llama packing for an unforgettable experience.

Nancy B.

Redwood Llamas is the best in the west! That means top performance at very reasonable prices. My party has used them several times. We have used other llama outfitters, but none are as good as Redwood’s! First they have the best llamas, well trained by Bill, and they are of good temperment in all situations. They can walk anywhere you can and will without protest, and require a minimum of care as their gravy train is the high alpine tundra! Then he has the best equipment that works in all situations! Whether you lease or do their first class outfitted trips, you will be very satisfied, and they will show you the most beautiful spots in the San Juans!

Dave P.

As a member of the infamous Llama Mamas, I have been grateful over the years to have Bill Redwood and his awesome team of llamas as a key part of our annual hiking trips. Bill offers valuable information and suggestions about routes, conditions and areas in the San Juans for us to explore. His llamas are well trained, well conditioned and overall enjoyable to trek with. I’m definitely a fan!

Becky C.

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